Our Story

  • My Deviant LifeStyle was born from a passion for community, sex geekdom, and style...

    Welcome to My Deviant LifeStyle, a pleasure boutique that celebrates sex positivity and sexual empowerment. Our story began with a deep passion for community, a curiosity for all things sex geekdom, and an unwavering commitment to style.

    At My Deviant LifeStyle, our mission is simple: we believe that sex should be a source of pleasure, fun, and adventure. We are here to provide sexually curious individuals with easy access to sex positive resources and high-quality products, empowering them to explore their desires in a safe and enjoyable way – all while embracing their unique sense of style.

    Our journey started when Erda embarked on a quest to find fashion-forward fetish wear that aligned with her softer, feminine aesthetic in Vancouver's sex positive communities. At that time, the scene predominantly offered functional fetish wear, leaving Erda longing for something that truly resonated with her personal style. Determined to bridge this gap, she began designing her own fashion accessories and styling herself and others for various events, fueling her passion for costuming.

    As Erda's appetite for fetish design grew, she started showcasing her accessory collection at alternative craft markets, where she connected with like-minded designers and makers within the kink community. Through these collaborations, the foundation for Deviant Style boutique was laid. Erda took her creations to new heights, hosting trunk shows in Toronto and Vancouver, where customers were invited into a safe and welcoming space. There, they received personalized styling advice and custom adjustments, ensuring a truly unique shopping experience.

    Driven by an additional passion for sex education and commitment to contributing to the sex positive movement, Erda set her sights on creating the Deviant Life section of the website. This section aims to become a comprehensive resource hub for both newcomers and seasoned sex geeks, offering easy access to information on all things sexy. Through this platform, we aspire to empower individuals with knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of their desires and enhancing their sexual experiences.

    At My Deviant LifeStyle, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing pleasure, fun, and adventure. Step into our world where sexual empowerment meets style.

Designer & Stylist

Erda is the creative force behind Lady Lux Design and has spent over a decade honing her craft in fetish wear design. Her expertise in crafting stylish and provocative attire has led her to collaborate with esteemed Canadian designers, showcasing her meticulously curated collections at renowned events such as the Playground Conference in Toronto, as well as Convergecon and West Coast Bound in Vancouver.

With a formal education in Fashion Design and a deep-rooted passion for costuming, Erda's dedication to her craft is evident in every piece she creates. Since 2011, she has actively immersed herself in alternative lifestyle communities, where she champions a sex-positive culture and co-creates social events and parties that prioritize sexual liberation, playfulness, and boundless creativity.