How We Choose Our Products

  • Quality

    We prioritize quality to ensure satisfaction and reliability of our products. Extensive testing and research has been done  to ensure that each item is designed to last and to be adored. We are committed to providing only safe and dependable products, many of which are handmade by the artist or sourced from brands that uphold our standards.

  • Sustainability

    Environment Impact - We partner with brands that produce quality items that are made to last and that value minimizing their environmental footprint.

    Social Impact - We foster connections with the creators of the products that we carry and seek out products that are handmade and brands that are committed to ethical manufacturing.

  • The Arts

    Our goal is to foster success for artisans and small businesses through cooperation. We strive to connect with the creators behind the products, and celebrate Canadian brands and handmade quality items.

  • Body Positive Sizing 

    We are dedicated to providing brands that offer curvy sizing so people of all body types can enjoy our offerings.

  • Guys! We've Got You Covered Too

    Men often struggle to find stylish fetish wear, which is why when we created the Deviant Style boutique, we wanted to offer a diverse range of quality items to this underserved population. We intend to continually expand our selection for an optimum shopping experience.

  • What About Affiliate Linking?

    We guarantee that we only collaborate with companies renowned for excellence and because we love their products ourselves! We also support women-run businesses in the adult industry, acknowledging their contribution to women’s pleasure and empowerment.